Artist in residence - Tolne Gjæstgivergaard

February – April 2017


Living in Tolne brings a heightened awareness of natural surroundings, allowing me to place myself within nature. Standing open to the shifting environment, the work captures the engagement of body and mind with the underfoot terrain through etchings and film documentation.

I am interested in allowing the ground to shape the work.  Through capturing the physical movement of these temporal, chanced-based happenings within the landscape, my work captures the movement of nature alongside the movement of my body.

The images are composed by dragging etching plates across the terrain to record the textures of the weathered land beneath my feet as I walk. Using film to document this performance, the etching plate and print remain as a direct record of the experience.

These collective pieces describe a journey, driven by my instinct to produce within the landscape. Looking, learning, feeling, responding to the weather, the place, the moment.