Becoming The Land

57°35'13.8"N 9°56'30.0"E


An edge and the sea, the two collide. Some pages tear and some fly into the air. Listening to a new call, the paper hurdles over these edges and makes a new path. Plunging and flying, digging and swimming.

Sea fret dances on the tips of the waves, the ebbs and flows of the tide fall and spread onto the cyanotype papers. The damp sand leaving it's shape in shifting impressions.

Through taking cyanotype papers with me to the shoreline of Hirtshals in Northern Denmark, I wanted to allow the surroundings to make their mark on the work and on myself.

The dynamic oscillating terrain is felt as a bodily experience through performance, which is noted on the paper. As the edges of things recede, in the moment where the rhythm of my walk meets the rhythm the day; I become the land.