Det Grafiske Værksted & Tolne Gjæstgivergaard - Residency

November 7th - December 3rd 2017

During my residency at DGV I have been exploring radical new possibilities within printmaking, using the surrounding landscape of the coastline of Hirtshals and the forests of Tolne to begin a deep conversation between earth and body.

Monoprints, carborundum, cyanotype, etching, photography, film & performance are the mediums I use, one influencing the other. Together they show the flow state inside the rhythm of walking.

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Etching is a powerful process to evoke the place, meaning, and feeling of the continual shifting environment.Using my body as an instrument, weathering etching plates in the landscape.  And in such a way, heightening the feeling of exposure, scale, time, and human presence on earth.

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Capturing the shift in the ever-changing shoreline through moving etching plates across the tidal patterns of the stones using my feet.


Using the weathered environments shaped by the surrounded place questions how I move throughout the world. My body’s relationship to this interaction and how we inhabit ourselves. To nature, objects, trace, reflection.

Northern Denmark's dynamic and shifting terrain is oscillated as a bodily experience, an unpredictability to embrace. Where the rhythm of my walk meets the day, the weather, the etching plates on the land. Representing the season to the relationship of cold and what the cold is to the land. 


At this moment I felt all I could do was to walk backwards. This is how my feet gripped onto the plates. I then traced the lines made by following with the camera these paths made.

Documenting the nature of the weather and the nature of change. I am walking backwards, it’s not easy but it’s crossing the possibilities of what is behind and the threshold of the future.

Uncovering the edges of the shore, I walk to catch the last of the light. The time drawing my legs closer to the edge where the sun is gold, sitting within the clouds. My one focus catching it. I get closer to the edge on the sand and set my camera on the tripod. This time I also carry with me a smaller camera to place around my neck, capturing the closer details of my movements. I had ropes and tape to stick my feet to the plates, however in the moment of being pulled into the land beneath, it lured me into simply, using my feet, my toes to grip.





Feeling my feet again, toe by toe.

Feeling my body come alive with movement.







These acts of engagement move with the world into thoughts collected as a way to make known the ways I am thinking through the world.



An act into knowing the world.


The movement of my body to the waves forces. The love of action of intimate presence with the reality of moments.




To view a clip of the film visit my Instagram

On colour:

I close my eyes and think of the colour of the sand that evening. Of how it felt on my skin and the noise it made rumbling underneath the etching plates. A soft colour against a harsh feeling of the hardness of the stones. A way of connecting to the world and the land around.


Talking to observers, passer by’s is just as fascinating to me as it is to them.

A dog walker: ‘Can I ask what it is you are doing?’

I replied: ‘A dance with the sea’.


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‘Resembling the inner fight with a motion that is reflected out, out into the open, out into the sea, out on the edge, the edges that see me’. – Sharon Blackie - 'If Women Rose Rooted'.


Thank you for the support of DGV and Tolne GGG. For allowing space and time and welcoming me so warmly. 

Becoming The Land

'A pilgrimage is a search for knowledge, a search for becoming. And pilgrimage begins also with longing, longing for deep connection. It invites and involves a new vision through seeing, unravelled in our ancestry'  (Sharon Blackie, 'If Women Rose Rooted', 2016).


Arriving in Denmark for the third time means I have experienced all four seasons here. The cycles of nature and all its elements, feeling a part of the rhythms of the land is a call that reaches out. Through being in touch with the cycles of the earth, I feel a deeply embodied sense of belonging to the land. 



I want to gather it all up in my hands.

Denmark, specifically Tolne in Northern Jutland, brings me access to somewhere where I can feel the earth. There is a wild mystery which makes my heart sing. A call that launches me on my journey.

New possibilities are created by surrendering to uncertainty. This throws me into my starting point, being on an island surrounded by edges becomes a state of mind. Edges are transitional places and are therefore the best places to create something new. My heart gives out along with creating a path on the edge, overwhelmed with wildness. Its my own heart that is drumming yet listening. I can hear a long slow heartbeat. I can hear breathing stop is it mine or the earths? It feels alive and I am alive within it. I am alive and wandering through it.

Luci & my hat stuck in a tree

Luci & my hat stuck in a tree


Shape shifting – becoming the land and the wildlife all around into the land.




Exploration of using cyanotypes on the shoreline of Hirtshals. The paper collides against the sea, crossing the possibilities of what is behind and what is held of (in the future) in front. The end, beginning. Some pages tear and some fly into the air. Representing the laborious journey I’ve been on and felt in the environment, hurling over edges and embarking on a new path, new marks, making sense of the old. 

Cyanotypes - Hirtshals Beach

Cyanotypes - Hirtshals Beach

Movements of the mist on the tips of the waves, the ebbs and flows of the tide fall and spread onto the cyanotype papers. The damp sand leaving it's impressions. 

Photographs from leaving cyanotypes in the sand (a performance)

Photographs from leaving cyanotypes in the sand (a performance)

Listening to a new call, hurling over it’s edges, plunging into it’s ground, it's a place to dig deep. Embarking on a new journey makes sense of the old. It transpires to be on an edge.

Right now my feet are firmly planted in the land. And I must remember how this feels. I want to remember all senses and my eyes opening wider.


And I want to feel it all.